Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Are you holding your own self up?

Boy how many times have I thought to myself, “if I would just get out of my own way I’d accomplish so much more“?? We can all be hesitant, afraid, or worried about something we want to accomplish or succeed at doing, but when you let those things be the domineering force that lead you astray from the very things that you should be doing, are talented at, and that bring you great pride and personal fulfillment…. I think you and I maybe selling ourselves short to a life less than what it could be.

I want to run that marathon, pass all my ARE exams, by that house in Southern California one day, put my kids through college… and all the other things on my bucket list……Is it possible to accomplish all these things? Yes, of course it is. Will I accomplish all these things? Happiness can be hard work……..am I willing to do what I need to in able to become my version of happiness? That is the question that I need to ask myself. How about you? I will make an daily effort for my answer to be yes!

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